Thursday, January 9, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Pink!

Good morning! Today I am showing off an old pink polish that I have never worn. It actually took me a while to find one I hadn't worn, but I am pretty sure these are the oldest pinks I own that I haven't worn. I received these in a giveaway back in June 2012 and still have never tried them out. I am generally not a fan of frosty and neutral colors, but I figured I would pull them out and give them a try. This duo is from Avon's line called mark. These two colors are called Meltdown Fusion and Sure Fire Infallible.

These two colors do look very nice together and I feel like I could definitely use them again now that I have seen them together. I unfortunately had some trouble with the stamping plates that I used which made me a little sad. I am going to try the plates out again with my stamping polishes to see if they work better with other colors.

Here is the image on my thumb - it is the one that stamped the best. I'm pretty disappointed, but hopeful it will stamp better with stamping polishes.

Here is the image on my ring finger. This one did not stamp too bad, either, but for some reason a lot of the polish didn't transfer over.

The two plates that I used were from my new set of Red Angel Plates (RA-104 and RA-109). Here is what mark. Meltdown Fusion looks like by itself. Try to ignore the brushstrokes - they are mostly my own fault. I don't have the patience for frosts! :)

And here is Sure Fire Infallible by itself. I failed to take a picture of it right away, so there is a bit of tip wear.

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I will have another bunch of old polishes to share next week!


  1. Too bad the stamping plate didnt worked well,
    love Sure Fire Infallible

    1. I know! It's prettier than I thought it would be! Hopefully these plates will stamp better with other colors. :)

  2. The stamping you've used it's pretty gorgeous.

    1. Thank you - these two colors do look awesome together. :)


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