Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Tri Polish = Red, Orange, Yellow - Day 4 (3 for me!)

Ok, so I skipped last Tuesday because I just couldn't stand the red, orange, and yellow, but now here I am. Nail art is an addiction, people. I can't tear myself away from it! :) The three colors I used in this mani are Sally Hansen Lemon Zest, NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost, and COS BAR orange, which has no name. I also used some white, which was my go-to white, Pure Ice Superstar!.

I feel like these came out kind of crazy. If you cannot tell, I was trying to emulate Tartofraises (cute nails), but I feel like I ruined it when I added the dots and swirls. The flowers became a little overshadowed. Oh well, I tried, darn it. :)

This is my favorite flower of them all. It was the third one I did. The first one was on my thumb, and that one is definitely the worst. I love these one-stroke flowers. I need to do more of them!

Here is Sally Hansen Lemon Zest by itself. This is a great yellow. Unlike most yellows, it goes on mostly opaque. This is just two coats. I was very impressed.

Well thanks for looking! Make sure you look at what everyone else did with these three colors.

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