Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I found a new challenge to have fun with!!!

The wonderful Debbie of The Crumpet, has listened to the feedback of many, including myself, and is re-running a slowed down version of The New 31 Day Challenge for those of us nail tarts who don't have as much time to get manis in! I am so excited and cannot wait to do this one! My first post will be on 2/1, so looks like I will be doing some new nails this weekend. :)

Hooray! I can't wait to get started!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

10 Day/Week...OK MONTH! Challenge - Favorite Movie or Inspired By A Movie

I had to think long and hard about this one. I'm not really sure if I have a favorite movie...but if I do, it is old, romantic, and involves one of the Hepburns. :) I just couldn't get inspired to do a manicure out of the African Queen, so I decided to use a favorite of my sister's instead. She came to the rescue with a few suggestions, but the one that stood out to me most was Alice in Wonderland. What a great movie to inspire some fabulous nail art! So here you go - my Alice in Wonderland nail art.

I started off my thumb nail with two coats of Loreal After Hours, then carefully drew in the eyes and mouth for my Cheshire Cat. For my index finger, I used one coat of Sinful Colors Unicorn, and then added in the purple and drew in the face to create my singing pansy. This is my least favorite one. It looks more like an angry monster, but ah well, I can't be perfect all the time. :) On my middle finger, I used two coats of Misa What A Wonderful Day then added detail to create the caterpillar. On my ring finger, I started off with two coats of Pure Ice Superstar!, then drew in the details to make a card, in this case the ace of hearts. And last, but not least, the doorknob. I started with two coats of Pure Ice Vintage then added detail to create the doorknob's face. I  used a ton of different colors for this, so I'm not going to list them all out, but if anyone wants to know, just ask in comments below, and I will get back to you within a day or so. :)

All in all, I totally love this manicure and am hereby dedicating it to my lovely sister, who gave me the idea. Thanks, Kate!! That's all for now, thanks for stopping by to look at today's nail art!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Floral Nail Art

For this manicure, I was inspired by the new nailpolish I got for Christmas from my mom. She gave me three Julep polishes which looked great together in my hand, so I decided to use them all in this design.

The base color is Amy. Then I added Susie with a dotting tool, and lined it and drew my swirls with a striper brush using Lynn. Then I just added the dots in the center of my 'flowers' using a dotting tool. This design was totally random, and I'm not sure what exactly inspired it. It actually didn't really turn out the way I envisioned it in my head, either, but I like it anyway. :)

Here is Julep Amy all by herself. It's a very pretty color. And, I am happy to say that these 3 polishes have a great formula that go on nice and smoothly.

I guess it's really just hit or miss with this brand. Happily, I like these three - my mom did well! Thanks, Mom!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Julep Box - It Girl

Hey everyone, this is going to be my last Julep box for awhile because I'm out of points for free boxes. :( As always, it was packaged very nicely, and there was a happy surprise in there with my polishes - hair ties!

I saw these first on Lace & Lacquers. I tried them out and really love the way they look. The colors are so bright, I feel like I'll have to hold off on wearing them until summer gets here. I did try them out at the gym though, and am sad to say that although they are cute, the didn't hold my hair up at all.Oh well.

Anyway, on to the polishes. The first one I tried out is called Nina, She looks just like orange sorbet, and is by far my favorite of the bunch. It went on nice and creamy and has a nice smooth finish.

Next is Nikki. This color is supposed to be a neon yellow, but it's very muddy looking, so I felt like it looked more mustard on me. I layered it over Pure Ice Superstar!, to try to bring out it's neon brightness, but it just didn't happen. It went on very streaky, too, which drove me nuts. So sad. :(

Last, is a very soft nude color called Amelia. This is a great neutral for a job interview or something where you can't have flashy nails. Other than that, I will probably never wear it because it's just not fun enough. Take a look.

So there you have it. This is probably my least favorite box by far. I will try to keep the nail art coming over the next few weeks, but the semester has just started and it's gonna be a doozy. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sassy Lacquer Winter 2012 Collection

Woo! I am trying my first ever winter collection, and I am so excited. My love of everything Christmas and winter means that I love each and every one of these unique colors. They all have something special about them. When I got the box in the mail, I couldn't wait to open it. I know everyone is already moving on their spring collections, BUT it's still winter here in the frigid north for at least 3 more months, so without further ado, here they are!

This is Shimmering Sugarplums. It is a pretty purple base with green and silver hex glitters, and tiny purple glitters. It's purdy. I painted it over Pure Ice French Love Affair, which you can see below.

This is Jack Frost. I love snow, so this one makes me quite happy. It's a light blue base with tiny teal glitters, small white glitters, and larger white square glitters. It looks just like a light snowfall on a bright winter day. Good snowboarding weather. :)

Next up is Yeti Yeti Yeti. It is an iridescent base with tiny teal glitters, small white and silver glitters and larger white hex glitters. I painted it over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which I swatched below.


This is the most Christmas-y one of the bunch, Boughs of Mint Holly. It's a light green base with an iridescent shimmer, small silver glitters and red shard glitter. I luuurve it. :D

Burgermeister Meisterburger is one that should be familiar, as I broke it out during my 10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge a few weeks ago. This is painted over Pure Ice Kiss Me Here. Here's a pic of Burgermeister Meisterburger again. :)

And last, but not least is Nutty As A... It's got pretty tiny gold glitters with larger red, purple ad green hex glitters. I painted it over AVON Glimmering Gold.

All in all, I love this collection and am so happy to own it. Thank you so much to Carrie of Sassy Lacquer for creating these beautiful polishes and for the free shipping, which I won in a giveaway! Love your polish. Thank you!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A look back on 2012!

So many things to talk about - mostly because my blog has only been in existence since April. But, seeing as 2012 was the year that my blog was born, I feel it is necessary to pay homage to my blog's birth year. :)

  • I've participated in several challenges, with only 1 still incomplete (heehee I'm working on it!)
  • I've had several of my blog posts reach an insane (in my opinion) number of page views:

May 3, 2012, 8 comments

May 26, 2012, 10 comments

Jul 27, 2012, 12 comments






Jul 13, 2012, 8 comments

Jul 7, 2012, 10 comments
  • Seriously the very thought that on more than 1 occasion, more than 100 people cared about anything I had to show or say just blows me away
  • My polish collection expanded from around 52 to 253 polishes! Oh my!
  • I learned how to take care of my cuticles, clean up after my messy nail painting, and execute tons of different types of nail art, including stamping, gradients, and tape manicures
  • I gained lots of new relationships with other nail polish addicts :)
  • My blog has had 11,761 pageviews (as of this moment) WHAT?!
  • I launched a facebook and twitter account for Delight In Nails
  • Delight In Nails' facebook has 115 likes - thank you!
  • Delight In Nails' twitter account has 49 followers - I need to tweet more, I know.
  • I have had a blast writing, photographing, sharing, and creating with all of you
Thank you so much for all of your support throughout 2012, and I look forward to an even more kick-butt 2013!