Saturday, June 23, 2012

Copy Cat Sat - My Pretty Nailz

My nails this week are inspired by Deriniti at My Pretty Nailz, aka the queen of Konad. Seriously, this lady is GOOD. I was inspired by the way she used multiple plates to stamp several different designs on her nails. I decided to give it a go, and since I want something summery, I thought it would be a great time to try out Zoya Arizona. I have had this lovely color for a while now, but hadn't had a chance to wear it yet. Now that it is on, I am in love. Love. Anyway here is what I ended up with!
Zoya Arizona, Misa Party In The Masquerade, Pure Ice Black Rage and L.A. Colors Gold Glitter

Here is Arizona by herself - isn't she lovely?? Who would have thought an orange would look good on me? This is seriously one of the prettiest oranges I have ever seen. Love it!

Here it is after I added Misa Party In The Masquerade, which is a polish I won from a giveaway a while back. It is very neon. I had not realized this when I looked at it in the bottle. I really like it!

After this, I just added my stamping...which didn't go so well. I thought I picked a small enough stamp for my little nails, but it really only ended up fitting well on  my thumb. Whoops. After stamping, I added some gold glitter with a L.A. Girls striper polish I got at the dollar store, and that was that.

The plates I used are Mash-50 and Mash-43. Not my favorite mani ever, but I am really happy with the colors I picked. It is quite summery. I really do love my thumb. Here is a pic. I wish all the nails looked this good. *Sigh*

Deriniti has it down to a science, I'm telling you this girl is a stamping genius! Thanks for looking! I have a special manicure I'm working on already for next week, so make sure you don't miss it! :)