Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Organization In My Life: EDIT - I figured out where these drawers are from!

My mom and dad had a garage sale this past weekend, and I went over to their house to help out. My mom had told me about these drawers she had been using in one of the bathrooms under the sink that were no longer needed, and thought they would be a good height to store my nailpolish, which previously was scattered about my living room floor in overflowing makeup bags and a caboodle I got when I was just a kid. I wanted to share with you all how much this helped out with my storage needs, so I took a few pictures. She ordered these stackable drawers online and doesn't remember where she bought them from, which is a bummer because I could definitely use a third one. For now, though, these are perfect and I put everything else that didn't fit back in the caboodle. Take a look!
Here is the view from the front
Top view! (That big container in the back corner is remover)
This is a little over 100 bottles of polish + my konad/mash plates
 These two drawers fit under my bathroom sink with room to spare. I could actually fit three under there without a problem. I'm going to keep investigating to see if I can figure out where these are from. If/when I find out, I will definitely share. This is a great alternative to the Helmer/Melmer if you want to be able to put them somewhere out of the way, like in a vanity cabinet. If the area under my sink was dedicated just to these drawers, I could easily fit 3 high and 3 across, which means you could potentially store 350-400 polishes with these under your sink!

EDIT - I figured out where the drawers are from! My mom ordered them online from Organize-It.