Monday, June 25, 2012

Progressive Nail Art

Literally - Progressive Insurance. My fellow bloggers in Australia are even hearing more about this company through Kitty (that's Australia's Flo), so hopefully this won't seem too obscure. I did some nail art for an event we held recently, and just wanted to share it. I love Progressive - so here is my insurance nail art. :)
Progressive Insurance Manicure With FloProgressive Insurance Manicure With Flo
Here is some of my inspiration.

For these nails I used Pure Ice Superstar!, Revlon First Class, Zoya Arizona, essie Apertif, Pure Ice Black Rage, and Salon Perfect Blue Raspberry.
Progressive Insurance Manicure With Flo
Here is a close-up of each nail:
I'm loving these nails. They are definitely not something that I would normally do, and it was fun to try to create some nails using Progressive Insurance as a theme. I hope you like my nail art. Thanks for looking!