Saturday, May 26, 2012

Copy Cat Sat - Nailside

So of course most people have probably seen all of the cool tutorials that Nailside posts, but I just had to try out her clouds technique. They are so cute! Since I wanted to try out some of the new polishes that I have, I decided to use a couple of my new Julep polishes, and my beloved Zoya Wednesday-love this color! Check it out!
Cloud Manicure
I started with Julep Mandy, which is a bright pinky-red. I will say that as with the other Julep I tried, the application with this color was not pleasant. You would think that for a polish that they charge $12, it would be awesome, but it really isn't any better than other polishes I have tried. In fact, it was worse than some of my cheaper polishes like NYC and Wet n Wild, which are actually pretty good polishes in my opinion. Happily I only paid a penny for mine, so I can't really complain.

After that, I started my first line of 'clouds' using Julep Jessica. This is a nice sky blue and goes on in one flawless coat. I have no complaints about this one other than the fact that I have a hard time getting the right amount of paint on the brush. I think it's because of the shape of the bottle, but it kept wanting to suddenly make giant drips, so I had to swipe it on the rim of the bottle lots of times before I got the right amount of polish on the brush. It went on really nice and smooth and is wonderfully opaque. Out of the three Julep polishes I got, this is by far the best one. And it's named after me, so what's not to love?! :) Here is how it looked at the second stage.
Cloud Manicure
Here it is with the flash
Cloud Manicure
Without the flash
Last, I swiped on my second set of 'clouds' with my favorite new Zoya color called Wednesday. Love love love this color! It is so pretty, and it went on like a dream just like all my Zoya polishes. After that I added some topcoat, and that was it. These were fun to do, and I can see myself using the same design in the future with all different colors. Hope you enjoyed my copy cat mani!