Sunday, May 13, 2012

Copy Cat Sat - Nailed It.

My mani today was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Nailed It. This girl has such a steady hand, it's unreal. Mine shakes like crazy, but I am really working on getting more under control, so I chose this one specifically to help me master this. You can find her original post here. I don't have a yellow neon, but I do have orange and pink! So, I decided to do this with another color...and since I couldn't decide what color, I used them both! Two accent nails are better than one. Haven't you heard?! Here it is!
Spoiled Jail Bait, Spoiled Tip Your Waitress, ORLY Jet Black, NYC Tribeca Silver

I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I still struggle to get the striper brush under control, but practice makes perfect! Let me know what you think. I'll have another post for you soon!