Monday, December 31, 2012

Another New Years Eve Mani - I Couldn't Help Myself!

Hi all, I have one more mani to show you tonight. I had to show off how beautiful Zoya Storm is. I know many of you have already seen it, but it is seriously magical. I am in love. :) So. Amazing. I can't stop looking at it. I decided to do another gradient, this time adding just a little bit of Revlon Stunning. Here's how it turned out.

And here is Zoya Storm all by her beautiful self. LOVE. <3

Have a happy New Year. I wish you all a beautiful, happy, prosperous, and healthy year!

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 10 - New Year's Eve

For this manicure, I decided to use a brand new polish I got for Christmas, plus an old one that I've had, but have never shown off on here. I did a pretty classic gradient manicure with glitter. Take a look!


This is OPI Live and Let Die from the Skyfall Collection and the glitter is Sinful Colors Frenzy. The black is pretty on its own, but I needed a pop of color. :) I don't really celebrate New Years Eve, and this year especially, won't be doing anything, since my husband has to work that evening. I'll probably just hang out and play video games all night, since it is going to be one of the last evenings I get to mess around before school starts up again. Anyway, here is OPI Live and Let Die by itself. It's supposed to be jet black, but I feel like it leans sort of green. Its pretty, regardless.

Thanks for following this challenge, and be sure to check out what the other girls did for this one!

Christmas Presents!

Hey everyone! Just thought I would share with you what I got for least the nail-related gifts. Pretty much everyone in my family gave me something for my nails, which means I wound up with a lot of new things to play with! So, here's a pic of everything all together.

So exciting! There are a lot of things from my wishlist in here, and lots of other goodies that I wouldn't have thought to ask for but am super happy to have gotten. As you can see, I got a lot of the tools I use each time I do a mani. There are cotton rounds, which I ran out of long again and never replenished, a big bottle of acetone, q-tips with pointed ends, a nail file with a case, which is perfect for my purse, and nailpolish remover pads. Woohoo! I also got lots of nailpolishes, including Julep Lynn, Susie, Audrey, and Amy, Zoya Ivanka, 2 L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes in Intense Pink and Forest Green, 4 OPI minis from the Skyfall Collection, these awesome Migi Nail Art dual-ended polishes that look awesome, and Poshe Topcoat. I also got a giant bottle of Dial Nutriskin, which I love, Qtica Intense Foot Repair Balm, Burts Bees Cuticle Cream and Lip Balm, Candy Cane Chapstick, Coconut Kiwi & Pear hand cream, and a set of new Bundle Monster plates, which I have never tried before. Whoa! Can you believe all that stuff?! I am so spoiled. Thank you family - I love you!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 9 - Red, Green & White

This mani I actually did on my mom for Christmas Eve. She wanted some festive nails, so I did her nails in this poinsettia theme to celebrate the holiday. I really loved how these nails turned out and I think she did too!

For this, we started with a base of Pure Ice Super Star!, then added a coat of Pixi Opal Sheen to give it some pizzazz. :) After that, I stamped on the flower image from Cheeky plate M70 using China Glaze Adventure Red-y, painted on my leaves by hand using Pure Ice Femme Fatale, and then added the yellow dots in the center using Zoya Pippa. It was a long project. Thankfully, Netflix saved the days with all the newly released Disney videos. We watched Aristocats to pass the time. I hadn't seen it since I was a little kid, so that was pretty fun. Thanks for looking and I'll have my last post for this challenge for you on New Years Eve!

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 8 - Holiday Water Color Technique

This mani is special because it is the very first time I ever tried the watercolor technique. It was fun and looks pretty. I'm definitely going to try it out again with different colors.

I used a base of Julep Kate, then added NYC Wing It Wine Creme, AVON Glimmering Gold and Zoya Ivanka - a Christmas gift from my beautiful sister! Thank you Katie! Here's another pic. I really love how this turned out!

Here's a pic of Julep Kate by itself. You can hardly tell, but it has a slight shimmer. It's very pretty - makes me think of snow!

Thanks for looking, and be sure to look at what the other girls created!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 7 - Holiday Water Marble

Oh water marble. Lately you hate me. I refuse to do the dry marble though, so the joke's on you. :) I managed to do 2 successful water marbles, and ever since, it has always been a huge failure. Wahhhhhhhh! Ok enough whining and on to the nails. I'll be posting every few hours so I can get all these done before New Years Eve! I refuse to fail at this challenge! Here is what I created.

Not my best work...but I tried really hard. It looks better from a distance. :) I used Julep Kate as my base, then added it plus Essie Apertif for my water marble. After that I dotted on L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Bright Green.

Hopefully the other girls did better than I did - haha. Take a look!

Friday, December 28, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 6 - Holiday Movie

So, I am rapidly running out of time, but there was so much going on, I didn't get s chance to post this. I fully intended to have this done for Christmas day, but well, I was having too much fun. :) So, without further, ado, here are my nails inspired by a holiday movie. I chose Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I was inspired by this polish I got from Sassy Lacquer called Burgermeister Meisterburger. Heehee it made me so happy. I painted it over Pure Ice Kiss Me Here on all my nails except the middle one. As you can see, on the middle, I did my best to draw a little portrait of Burgermeister Meisterburger himself. Even though its not the best, I can't stop smiling whenever I look At it. :D Here's another pic!

Thanks for looking and be sure to check out what the other participants have done!

Monday, December 24, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 5 - Holiday Song

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. Take a look at the five and ten, glistening once again, with candy canes and silver lanes aglow! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store. But the prettiest sight to see, is the holly that will be on your own front door! A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots is the wish of Barney and Ben. Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk is the hope of Janice and Jen. And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well, the sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the bells will start. And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing Right within your heart!

This is without a doubt, my favorite Christmas song. :) I like the version by Bing Crosby the best, but there are other good versions too. I always have to sing along when I hear it! So my nails, if you haven't guessed, were inspired by this song. Take a look!

I used Julep Sienna  for the base, and more colors than I feel like naming for the nail art. Each nail represents a specific line from the song. Here is a picture of Sienna all by itself.

Thanks for looking, and be sure to check out what the others girls have done for this challenge! ONLY ONE MORE DAY TIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Woooooooo! :D

Saturday, December 22, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 4 - Holiday Treats

Today's theme is holiday treats, and I decided to go traditional and do gingerbread nails! I had a lot of fun with these and have gotten a lot of compliments. Too bad I'll have to change them tomorrow for a new mani. I'm really falling behind in this challenge, so I've gotta get a move on! :) Well, take a look at my gingerbread mani!

This is China Glaze Desert Sun for the 'gingerbread'. I used Pure Ice Superstar for the icing, the red is Essie Apertif, and the green is L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Bright Green. Here's another pic!

Next time I'll be back with something inspired by a holiday song, so I should be able to post that tomorrow. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out what the other girls did!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 3 - Giftwrap

Good morning! For this challenge, I was inspired by some beautiful paper I picked up last year. There was some left over this year, so I used it to wrap one gift. I like this paper because it is a foil paper and has a good pattern on it - they are supposed to be ornaments with gold designs. Since it is tone on tone, you will see that (hopefully) on my nails as well. Take a look.

This is Essie Apertif for the base. The ornaments were painted on with NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost, and the detail was done with Julep Sienna. Here is a picture of my nails in front of the wrapped gift, not quite the same, but this was as close as I was going to get. :)

Here is Essie Apertif by itself. It's the perfect Christmas red.

Thanks for looking, and be sure to check out the others who are participating in this challenge!

Monday, December 17, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge: Day 2 - Snow/Snowflakes

Today's nail art is a dotticure gradient meant to represent snowfall. I love snow. I think it is just beautiful and am happy that I live in a place where I get to enjoy it every year. I chose to use colors to represent the look of snow falling in the dark. When you are driving at night while it's snowing, the light from your headlights reflect back on the snow, and it looks like a thousand tiny, sparkling stars falling from the sky. I chose to try to recreate that.

This is Loreal VIP Status. The dots were done in Pure Ice Super Star!. I tried to paint over it with Wet n Wild Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, but unfortunately, I smeared my white dots on a couple fingers when I did it. :( Oh well, as much as I want to be perfect, sometimes I just can't be. Here is what it looked like after I painted on Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire. Stupid smearing. It would have been awesome. I should have painted on some Seche Vite first.

This is Loreal VIP Status by itself.

Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out what the others have done for this challenge!