Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I did this mani for a contest with My Lacquer Family and I have to say, I went completely nuts with the new Mash plates I got a while back. They had several different star designs, so for the first time ever, I actually used multiple stamps on each nail. These plates are awesome. I got them for only $12 during a promotion they had with that gift card I got from work a while back. Every stamp I used transferred very nicely with the exception of the stars you can see on upper left corner of my pinky. This may have been user error. I got lazy and didn't clean the plate after I had stamped the same design onto my middle finger.
Star Spangled Nails
Here is how they looked before I added stamping/striping. I did a basic color block manicure using tape to make the straight lines.
NYC Big Apple Red Creme, Revlon First Class, Victoria's Secret Sleighbells, and NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost
After that, I let the color blocking dry (for a whole day - I'm a busy girl), and then I added my stamping the following evening.
This was done with mash plates 29, 49, and 26 from their newest set
 After the stamping dried, I added my stripes using a small paintbrush. This would have been easier with striping tape, and would have come out looking way more perfect, but I don't have any, so I just did it freehand. I'm actually quite impressed with how straight I got those lines, considering I have tremors. I've actually noticed that my tremors haven't really been much of an issue lately and am wondering if my nail art is working like therapy to help reduce the shaking. I'm not really sure, but I find it very interesting, and am very happy I haven't been shaking so much lately.
Here it is after I added my stripes. The white I used was Konad Special White.
P.S. see how my Seche Vite sabotaged my thumb, there? I hate when that happens!
I am very happy with how these turned out. I had a lot of fun doing them, and hope you enjoy them too! Thanks for looking, and have a happy July 4th!


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