Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pure Ice Temptress

Today I have for you a pretty 'velvet' polish from Pure Ice in a lovely color called Temptress. This is a dark bluish-purple with gold flecks which change color in different lights. I saw green, red, gold, ans who knows what else. It's very pretty, and I like looking at it. :) These velvet polishes from Pure Ice have a matte  or suede finish. It's a very soft shine, unless you add topcoat. Here are a few pics of the color on its own.


Super pretty, right?? Of course, I can't just wear a color by itself anymore, so I decided to add some stamping. I won a bunch of Cheeky plates from Lizzy, The DIY Lady, (thank you!!!) so I decided to try out a bunch of the floral images from plate M70. I stamped in Julep Sienna, which turned out to be pretty nice to stamp with. Take a look!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did, and I ate a TON of fabulous food. :) Now I'm looking forward to my last day of class on December 14, then it's Christmas, Christmas, Christmas from here til the new year! Speaking of Christmas, is anybody doing a Christmas/Winter nail art challenge? I'm thinking about hosting one. If interested, email me at :) Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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