Friday, April 26, 2013

Nailpolish Storage Overhaul!

Good morning! When you see what my old way of storing nailpolish was, you will laugh. It worked out alright at first...but then starting overflowing as I got more nailpolish and my existing containers just couldn't hold them all.

So first, I will show you some before shots. My friends and family have already seen this and I'm sure your comments will be the same as theirs haha. Just remember that it's better now, you will see that further down in the post!

First up, we have my three plastic storage drawers that take up half of my bathroom vanity. These were perfect at first, but I outgrew them.

Next, this is another plastic storage drawer under my vanity that houses random nailpolish that I couldn't fit in the other drawers.

This is another random bin of nailpolish stuff. My sister's comment was "I keep my rock candy with my emory boards too, what a coincidence". Mmmhmm. Sass.

Another random spot I stash polish and polish related things, under the coffee table.

And, my oldschool caboodle full of nail stuff.

And last, but certainly not least, the top of my coffee table. This does pose a problem when we have visitors

Now for the main event. Drumroll please!

I got myself a melmer! Well several melmers actually. Michael's had them for 40% off a couple weeks ago, so I just had to get them. Check this out!

I am so excited to have everything stashed in its own neat little drawer, with room to grow. And of course, my collection has grown since these pictures were taken due to some serious birthday shopping with my hubby! I suppose I will have to share my birthday haul with you in another post, since I know you are dying to see it. No? Well, you're going to see it anyway. ;) See you next time!


  1. I agree that that storage is much better. I want a helmer/melmer but I just need to move out first. haha

    1. Yeah you definitely have to get one when you get your own place! It has solved all of my problems and my living room looks so much neater. I do want to eventually paint it black/dark brown to match the rest of my furniture though. It stands out a bit too much right now. :)


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