Sunday, April 21, 2013

Laid-Back NEW31DC Day 23 - Inspired By Nature

For this challenge, I decided I wanted to go botanical and create an image inspired by fern leaves. It is pretty basic,but I like it. I used NYC Water Street Blue for the base, and painted on my fern leaves using Revlon .... Simple is what needed to happen on this mani because I am so short on time lately. I find myself simultaneously doing homework, exercising, painting my nails, and eating all at once. Literally, it just happened tonight. Impressive right? No, no it isn't because that results in an upset stomach, sloppy manis, poorly executed homework and well, it's just a mess. I'm just a mess. But I carry on for you. ;)

Here is NYC Water Street Blue all by itself. Pretty, huh?

Anyway, hope you like my mani today - not much today since it wasn't complicated to do. Make sure you check out what the others did for today's challenge. Hopefully I will have the time to get some really good nail art in again for this challenge. I really hope so, I miss spending hours on just one manicure.

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