Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Laid-Back NEW31DC Day 20 - Texture

I saw this awesome quilted mani a while back and decided to try to recreate that. I am pretty sure it was done by The PolishAholic, and I saw it here. I decided to use a polish I picked up at Drug Mart on clearance months ago. It felt too bright for winter, so I waited to break it out for you guys until now. :)

This is Loreal Boozy Bruch. I used the same method that The PolishSholic used by adding white to the color for my base coat, then used striping tape to make a quilting pattern, and painted over that with Boozy Bruch. I painted it on nice and thick, so it actually has a quilted feel.

It is a very bright orange that my camera unfortunately washed out a bit. It's pretty - just enough pink in it so it looks good with my skintone. I like it. :)

Well, thanks for looking, check out what the others did for their texture manis - I'm sure there will be lots of those new textured polishes in it. I'm excited to see them!

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