Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Julep Box

Good morning! I got my Julep December box in the mail a few days ago, and was actually organized enough to do some swatching, take lots of pictures, and do some nail art. As usual, everything was packaged very nicely, and the box included a peppermint candy, and a cabochon ring. I'm saving it for something epic. I don't know what I will do with it, but when I finally figure it out, I will definitely share it with you!

The colors are pretty nice and aren't similar to any of my other polishes, so that makes me happy. They are all sparkly and pretty and I am especially in love with the wintry look these have.

Here is my favorite one. This is JULEP Harper. So. Pretty. :D It applied very nicely and is just gorgeous on. Everyone at work loved the sparkle.This polish was quite sheer, so here I layered it over Julep Daphne.

I actually tested this out over a few different colors. The light blue on my index and ring fingers was Julep Jessica with 2 coats of Harper. The middle and pinky have Julep Daphne beneath, and the thumb is four coats of Harper. Since the ones over Daphne depicted the actual color best, I went with that. This color is very pretty.

This is Ivy. You would think it would be green, but I have so many greens, so I'm not complaining. This color is very pretty as well. It shifts from blue to purple depending on the lighting.

The last one is called Vivien, and it is a nice gold glitter. Shockingly, I didn't have an all gold glitter like this. The ones I have are both micro glitters, so this was a welcome addition to my collection as well. I have layered it over Ivy so you can see what the glitters look like. It added a gold shimmer too, so it kind of changed what Ivy looked like completely.

I chose to do my nail art by doing a gradient with Harper and Ivy. It is so full of glittery goodness, I couldn't take my eyes off it all day. Take a look.

All in all, this batch of polishes from Julep was pretty good. Everything went on smoothly, and the colors are beautiful.

Thanks for looking!

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