Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Julep It Girl Box + Misti

Hi everyone! Today, I have to show off my December It Girl box from Julep and an add-on. All together, I received my 3 It-Girl colors, Evelyn, Shoshanna, and Celia, and an add-on called Misti. I have to say right off the bat, my two favorites from this collection are Shoshanna and Celia. They are two very gorgeous glitters!

So first, I will show you Evelyn. This was the first polish I tried out, and it applied very nicely, and could even be a one-coater. I did two coats here because I always do. :) This is a nice plum, cream and can definitely be used in some fabulous fall/winter nail art. I'll probably bust it out again later. :)

Next up, is Shoshanna. I painted it over Evelyn, because it is not an opaque glitter. On my ring finger, you can see that it is possible to build up. This is two generous coats, so you may be able to build it up in 3. Or, you could layer it over a gold polish and get away with two. I really love this beautiful gold, holographic, rainbow factory! It makes me think of tinsel or garland! I wore my nails like this for almost a whole week before I had to remove it to get on with my swatching!

Next, we have Celia. This is what Julep calls a shimmer polish, and I have to say, so far, I have loved every one of their shimmers. They go on so smooth, are surprisingly opaque and glitter and shine like magic. I LOVE this color for a Christmas manicure and can't wait to use it in one!

Last, is Misti. I got this color mainly because it looked different, and I do not have any other color like it. It is a nice cream and applied smoothly just like Evelyn, but was a little thinner. You really need two coats for it to look good. I think it would look fabulous with some snowflakes painted on it!

So there we are. Thanks, as always, for coming by. I have some actual honest to goodness nail art in the works. I hope I still have some followers left who haven't lost all faith in me. I am officially done with school (at least for a semester), so that should mean that there will be more nail art to come. Yay! Oh, also, don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already. It is ending on the 15th!

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