Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zoya Stamping over Matte

Woo it's Wednesday! That means that I only have two more days of work and then glorious vacation for 11 whole days. Oh I cannot WAIT! So, I'm keeping this short and sweet because I have a lot to do before vacation starts and only two days to do it. This is my weekly mani that features CICI&SISI plate 23.

I started off with Zoya Charisma for my base, as the prompt this week is stamping over a matte base. I stamped using Zoya Isa. These two are so pretty together!

This is what Charisma looks like on it's own. It's a lovely bright purple matte polish that went on in three thin coats. I may have been able to get away with two, but my second coat had some dragging because I was too impatient with my polishing. Whoopsie.

Thank you so much for looking today! I have my nailart done for the 52 Week Pick n Mix, so I'll try to have that up by Friday. Then, I have lots of swatches for you for the weekend. I won't be posting while I'm on vacation, but I'll try to schedule at least one or two things to keep things active around here. Bye for now!

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