Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015 Julep It Girl Box + Addons

I got my Julep box again because it came with a purple AND a stardust finish polish. I'm pretty sure Julep is doing this to me on purpose. -_- Anyway, it came with two polishes I couldn't resist, and then I went and spent the last of my Jules on a jelly polish because my collection is lacking a variety of jellies. The box also came with some cute decals, which I tried out and will show off at the very end of this post.

I throw away these white boxes that the polishes come in because they are a pain to open, and clutter up my polish drawers. I feel like I could spend $2 less on this box, get no pretty packaging, and be just as content haha. But enough of that, on to the polish!

First, we have Laure This is one of my favorite finishes. Shimmery texture polish is just the best. I especially like that you can add topcoat and it looks equally amazing, but in a different way. I did two thin coats here.

Next, we have Madelynn. This one instantly becomes a favorite because it's purple...actually blurple. It doesn't even have to try. I did two coats here, and the application was nice and smooth on this one.

Next up, is Lizzy. This is a good nude color for my complexion. I did two coats here, and the application was nice on this one, too.

Last, we have the add-on polish. This is Lori. I used three very thin coats here. It is a great jelly for sandwiching as it is quite thin, but applies very smoothly and builds up well.

Thank you so much for visiting today! Have a great rest of your weekend! I will be on vacation starting today (by now I have reached the coast, and am probably relaxing at the beach with my family!). I won't be back in town until next Sunday, so I have scheduled a few posts out, but will not be as active on social media. Reception/internet tends to be spotty (which I love!), so I'll respond to any emails/comments/etc. when I return. :D

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