Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kawaii Kitty Nails for Barielle's Nailart Contest

Good evening! It's late, but I have to share with you these cute kitty nails I did tonight for a contest being held by Barielle. I took tutorial photos too, but don't have enough time to edit all of those now, so I'm just posting the mani itself, plus a swatch of the base color I used. Check this out!

Eeep! I can hardly stand my own handiwork! Seriously, every time I look at these I can't help but burst into a gigglefit over the ridiculousness/cuteness of this nailart. If you like these, I woudl be forever greatful if you VOTE for them over at the contest site!

I started off with Barielle Soul-er Powered for my base. The purple polish used for the cat is Barielle Welcome Ohm, and the pink polish is Barielle Gel-ous Lover. I used a Pure Ice Black Rage for all of the black accents.

This is what Soul-er Powered looks like on it's own. It is a shimmery, golden yellow polish and has a great formula. This is 2 coats shown below.

Thank you so much for looking. I'll edit this tomorrow night with a tutorial, and then I'll be back Friday with a new post!

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