Sunday, August 9, 2015

SinfulColors "A Class Act" Back to School Collection 2015 (partial)

*items in post provided in exchange for my honest review

Good morning. I have 10 polishes from SinfulColors' back to school collection. They sent me these for a review and I am more than happy to share. This is a brand you can find at a lot of drugstores, as well as Walmart and Target. They are usually $1.99, which is sinfully cheap (see what I did there??) despite the fact that they are great polishes. 

I was interested in the white and black polishes because I'm always looking for a good, opaque white. Once I opened the package, I realized these were demi-matte finish polishes, and am excited to add a matte white to my collection. Whiteboard is decently opaque. It only took two thin coats here (which is good for white), and dried to a matte finish, so it looks kind of like chalk to me. The formula is great. There was no dragging or pulling, and it was just nice and smooth.

I tried topcoating it too, to see how it would look shiny, and decided it would definitely work well for a white base in nail art. I used one coat of Out The Door topcoat here.

Blackboard is actually not black, but in fact, looks just like the color of a blackboard. It is a dark grey-blue; the color of slate. It is a very thin polish, and took three coats to become opaque. This one dried to a matte finish as well, and looked exactly like a chalkboard once dry. 

I had no issues with the formula on this one until I tried to topcoat it. It did not play nice with Out The Door Topcoat. It "ate" the topcoat the way some glitter polishes do, and only it spots, so that the finish was matte in some places and shiny in others. It was weird. However, I tried again with my trusty Seche Vite, and that had no problem. Nice and shiny and smooth. It's easier to see here that the shade is not a true black. 

I couldn't resist doing some chalkboard nailart, so I did this with these two colors! Cute, right? The plate I used is BM-H23. Whiteboard is not quite opaque enough for typical stamping, but it was perfect to give the look of chalk on a blackboard in this mani. Love!

I received one more demi-matte polish from them called Chalk It Up. It is a pale green polish, and had the same formula as the other two. Nice and smooth, so no complaints here. :)

I topcoated this one with Out The Door topcoat with no issues. Here is what it looks like shiny.

Next, I have for you some of the shimmery colors from the collection. First up is Burst Of Fresh Flair It went on very smooth, but was quite thin. I did 4 thin coats here to build it up. I probably could have gotten away with 3, but I can't stand a visible nail line on me. It wouldn't matter for girls with short nails - they might even get away with only two coats! :) I really love this color. I have nothing like it, and can't wait to rock it in some spring manis come next March!

Next, is Purple Diamond. This one was almost as thin as Burst Of Fresh Flair, but not quite. It built up quickly, and ended up only needing three thin coats. Short-nailed girls could definitely just do two. You all know how much I love purples. This one is no exception. It is so soft and pretty. Like a princess's dress. Ooh like Repunzel from Tangled you guys!!!! Eeeeee!

The last shimmer polish I have from this collection to show you is Ice Blue. This one was identical to Purple Diamond in terms of formula. I did three thin coats here.

I received two brighter shades from them as well, so those are next. First, we have Daredevil. This is a hot pink with a blue shimmer. Nice formula, this is two coats with no topcoat.

Next, is Fig. This is a bright purple with a slight pink shimmer. It had a similar formula to Daredevil and went on in two easy coats. This is without topcoat.

Last, I have the two glitters that I received. First up is the green/blue one, Late Night Haute. It is a blue tinted jelly filled with iridescent shard glitters, tiny holographic glitters, and iridescent blue bar glitters. This is two coats over Chalk It Up.

And the last polish I have to show you all is Night Owl. This is a pink tinted jelly filled with metallic blue bar glitters, tiny holographic glitters, and iridescent shard glitters. I did two coats here over Daredevil.

Thank you so much for checking out these lovely swatches. They are available now for the back to school season, and I highly recommend Purple Diamond. It was my favorite out of all of these! You can follow SinfulColors to find out more about their upcoming collections if you are interested.


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