Monday, April 23, 2012

So many awesome giveaways right now!

I have seen so many giveaways happening lately, I decided I need to share some.

The first one I want to share is from Konadlicious (Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup). It is crazy awesome. I can't even believe that she was able to get so much for her followers. It's insane. Without further ado...

She is giving away polishes from Cult Nails, Ninja Polish, Glitter Gal Australia, NerdLacquer, Laquistry, All That Glitters, ORLY, Dollish Polish, Le Beauty, You Mix Cosmetics, OPI, Pretty and Polished, and earrings from Beasy Wendy. I'm not even kidding. The giveaway closes May 16, 2012. Here is a link - you should totally follow this blog - it is awesome.

Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup - Konalicious

Next, we have a giveaway from Lacquer Pamper. This is her first giveaway, and it's a pretty good one. Lots of great polishes that are all new. She is giving away 11 items including butter London Bluey, Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada, ORLY Cuticle Oil +, Revlon Liquid Quick Dry, Nina Ultra Pro Wet Glaze, 2012 Cracked Savior, 2012 Cracked Trinity, 2012 Cracked Tomorrow, 2012 Cracked You & I, 2012 Cracked Apocolypse, and 2012 Cracked Immortal. This giveaway ends May 23rd. Here is the link. These polishes look great, and I love the Ulta polishes! This is another great blog that you should definitely follow.

Lacquer Pamper

There is a giveaway from piCture pOlish going on right now as well. This polish looks awesome. They are giving away 4 polishes from the Ozotics collection. I have never used piCture pOlish, but I've seen it used in a lot of other blogs, so I had  to enter this one. It ends Wednesday 4/25, so enter soon! :) Here is the link.

piCture pOlish

There is also a giveaway from Scarlet Nail Diaries for reaching 10,000 views...looks like I've got a long way to go to reach that status! :) Anyway, she is giving away a bunch of cool polishes from her country which I have never heard of before. They all look pretty nice. There are a bunch of glitter polishes and there's also a few holos in there. The giveaway ends May 15th. Check it out and follow her blog!

Scarlet Nail Diaries

AND, another giveaway from Smashley Sparkles, which you should definitely check out. This girl does AMAZING water marbles, in my opinion. :) She is giving away a bottle of China Glaze GR8 to 2 lucky winners. It ends April 24th at midnight, so there is only 1 day left one this one! Check it out and foloow this blog - tons of inspiration, especially with color.

Smashley Sparkles

I just found out about a giveaway for a polish that I've been DYING to try, but thought it would only be fair if I gave everyone else a shot at it too. :) Soooooo, she is giving away Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream - yay! This giveaway ends May 15th. She also has another giveaway going on that ends April 30th, so get in on that one too! There will be 5 winners, and each winner will get to choose 1 of the polishes from the Model's Own Beetle Juice Collection. So, the first winner will get first pick and the second will get their pick of what is left and so forth until the last winner. The 5 polishes to choose from are Model's Own Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet, Tropical Sun, Copper Pot, and Indian Ocean. Get it!!

Nail Polish Anonymous
And finally, there is a giveaway from Sparkle And Shine Nails for 3 China Glaze Nail Lacquer colors of your choosing from Sally's. Any 3 you choose, including the new Hunger Games colors. I think this is an awesome little giveaway. Here is a link to her facebook page. She always posts great stuff, so you should definitely like her on facebook. Check it out!

Sparkle And Shine Nails

That's all I've got for now. I've been thinking that I might create a permanent page to house stuff like this so that it is all in one spot. We shall see. It all depends on how busy I get. :)

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