Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hair Store

My good friend from work told me about this magical place a few years ago, and we finally went to her favorite one today. It was awesome. They have everything in there a girl could ever need, and at great prices too! There was tons of nailpolish including kleancolor and O.P.I. and it was only $2 for the kleancolor polishes. They had O.P.I. for $4.50 but it was only a limited selection of colors. They also have all kinds of jewelry annd hair accessories, and yes, even hair. It was all I could do to remain in control. I got 4 new polishes, a stiper brush, and a pair of earrings for $12. No joke. The store we went to is pretty far away from where I live so I'm on a mission to find one closer to where I live. I'm sure there is one. I'm so excited to find a whole new selection of awesome nail stuff! I'll post the new polishes later tonight. I'm also working on a mani right now as I sit in the school parking lot waiting for class to start, so I'll probably have it posted by tomorrow at the latest.

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