Wednesday, May 4, 2016

March 2016 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag

You all know I am super behind, but I have lots of polishes I want to show off from the past couple of months. so this is the first of several. :)I always love my mystery bags from Rainbow Honey, and March was no exception.

I received two super cute little soaps, mimosa scented perfume, and a new cuticle balm. I really love both of these polishes so much, and they are both somewhat space-themed, which I always like! The first polish I have to show you is called Outer Space Dust. It is a topper, so I painted it over top of Pure Ice Black Rage. It really does end up looking like outer space on your nails - a galaxy manicure without all the work.

Here is a closeup of the polish in the bottle, so you can see all of the different glitters and shimmer inside.

Next, is Cosmic Microwave Sky. It's a pretty crazy name, for an even prettier polish. ;) It's a blue jelly with cool little iridescent squares and shimmer.

Here is a closeup of this polish in the bottle. There is so much dimension in this one!

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I will be back Friday with a new mani for the Nail Tarts' challenge.

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