Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Last Panda Inspired Nail Art

Hey everyone! I'm on my way to beautiful Massachusetts for a beach getaway before fall officially begins! I scheduled out a couple of posts for you so my blog would not be stagnant. :)

I saw this adorable print online and just knew that it had to be translated into some nail art. It is by John Tibbott and can be found here. There is a whole series of these, and I thought about branching out and doing a different animal, like a fox or something, but the panda was just so cute, I had to do it. I like that these prints also have a message - about protecting Earth's animals. Yay!

Well there he is...the last panda. I used Julep Cindy for my base, then stamped the scale pattern using Mash-39 and Konad Special Black, and painted in the bear freehand using Pure Ice SuperStar! and Konad Special Black. This is what Cindy looks like by herself.

Julep Cindy
Julep Cindy

Here is a close-up of the nail with my panda. If I paint one on my other hand, he won't be alone anymore. :)

Well, thank you so much for looking - have a great day!

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