Thursday, August 7, 2014

Paisley Patterned Nails with NYC

Hey everyone! I did some fun nail art recently using a gift box I received as inspiration. I had just gotten these new NYC polishes and thought they would look great in a mani together. Boy do they!

I started out with NYC Mint'ed on Broadway, then added NY Blues using the saran wrap method. I painted on the paisley pattern using Hamptons Peach and Nolita's Lavender along with the other two colors, and added some white accents using Pure Ice SuperStar!. I totally loved this mani while I had it on. Here is what it looked like before I added my paisley. Pardon the messy cuticles. I just started a new job and did a lot of stress-picking. Shame on me!

Here is what NYC Mint'ed on Broadway looks like by itself. It's a lovely teal. I'm actually pretty certain it is almost a dupe of Zoya Wednesday (it's more green than it looks in this photo, I was experimenting with lighting). These polishes went on very nicely, too. That has been my experience with all of the NYC colors that I own, which is awesome considering their low price.

Thank you so much for looking - I'll be back with my Julep It Girl Box for July, and then I have more more new stamps to show off! I'm so excited!! :)

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