Wednesday, May 8, 2013

30 Day Flower Challenge Day 5: Carnation

Good morning! Today I have for you my best attempt at creating carnations on my nails, and I have to say, I love how this one turned out! As in, I don't want to remove it. This is why I have a hard time with daily challenges - you have to remove something after only getting to enjoy it for one day. :( Ah well, guess I should just enjoy it while I can. Take a look!

Pink Carnations Floral Manicure
Pink Carnations Floral Manicure

The base for this mani is Misa What A Wonderful Day. It's a striper that I really wish wasn't. I mean, it's great for striping, but it's such a pretty blue, I always want to use it to paint the whole nail. :P I painted my carnations with Julep Lynn, Essie Marshmallow, and Zoya Lo. The leaves were done with Sinful Colors Last Chance.

Pink Carnations Floral Manicure

Here is Misa What A Wonderful Day all by itself. It has a great formula and a slight frosty finish, but happily doesn't show brush strokes too much.

Misa What A Wonderful Day

Make sure you check out what the other girls did for their carnation manicures!

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