Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Day Flower Challenge Day 29: Cattail

Oh my! This is my second-to-last post for this challenge. Boy did time fly, and boy am I ready to go back to only posting once or twice a week. Phew! I'm exhausted and I've gotta get my study on. So, here is day 29. I decided to be simple with this one, partially because I am short on time, and partially because I am not so great at nail art with my left hand, but I couldn't bear to remove my cherry blossoms yet. :) Here they are!

I started off with my one an only Liquid Sand polish from OPI - Tiffany Case. My husband got this for me for my birthday, which reminds me: I haven't done my birthday haul post because I've been too busy with challenges! I promise you will see it eventually. Maybe in time for the two month mark. :) I did my cattails in China Glaze Call Of The Wild, and my leaves are Pure Ice Femme Fatale.

Here is Tiffany Case all by itself. I wasn't sure if I would like these textured polishes, but in this case, I definitely do! It's so glittery and the color is very pretty. Also, it went on easily, which kind of surprised me. I thought it would be hard to paint on smoothly because of the textured finish, but it was not.

That is all - I've gotta get back to working on my marketing paper. Wish me luck! Make sure you check out what the others have done for this challenge, too!

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