Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Day Flower Challenge Day 10: Daffodil

Ok, so daffodils are SO hard to draw. I am never ever going to attempt to do one again haha. And, once again I have fallen further behind because I spent the whole weekend hanging out with my family since my sister was in town. Priorities, right? I did do a mani for my sister for a post I will put up later tonight, though, so that helped a little. :) Anyway, here are my daffodils. This is one I have no problem removing pretty quickly.

I started out with The New Black's shimmery lavender color - I really wish these had names. I used a stamping image to help me get the general shape (even though the image on the plate is definitely not a daffodil) and then just painted around it using Zoya Pippa and Arizona, and Revlon Posh. There you have it. (Sortof) daffodil nails. This image is from Bundle Monster plate BM06 by the way.

Here is the base from The New Black's Runway Collection by itself - it's pretty.

Thanks for looking - I'll have a new post up for you tonight!

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