Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Delight In Nails Most Popular Posts of 2015

Good morning and happy hump-day! I have been working on compiling my list from this past year of your favorite posts. Today, I have them all put together for you so that we can take a look back on this past year. :) It seems that my most popular posts are the swatches, which surprised me, but I suppose I do an awful lot of searches for swatches myself, so I should not have been surprised at all! Come take a look at what this past year brought us!

I am actually pleased that this was my most popular post. I was pretty proud of the splatter mani. It came out even better than I had hoped it would!

Everyone loves a good swatch post! These colors from Rainbow Honey were pretty nice. I especially love the purple, and it's my belief that those swatches are what people came trekking to my site to see. :P 

This was another HUGE swatch post. I think there were so many swatches in this post that it got a lot of views simply because it had a lot of content. These colors were ok, but not great. 

Another swatch post. People, I was somewhat disappointed. I know swatches are great to look for online, but come on. The art is where it's at! These colors weren't even good. It was actually my least favorite Rainbow Honey mystery bag I got. Although, as an aside, the bath goodies smelled pretty good.

Ok well, I know I just complained about the swatch posts, BUT these beauties were all in the best mystery bag I got. The polish colors were amazing, the topcoat was amazing (and SCENTED!), and the soap and perfume smelled heavenly too. I can't blame you guys one bit for wanting to know more about these. :)

Aaaand this one was full of purple, so clearly that is why it was so popular. The textured one was sparkly and matte and textured all at once. Love.

Ooh yay, nail art! I was actually pretty in love with this mani since it was inspired by an artist that always makes me think of one of my favorite men: my dad. He loves M.C. Escher, and as a result, I do too. I got some new tiny paint brushes for Christmas, so I'm pretty sure, I could execute this design even better now. I can't wait to start using those bad boys!

Delight In Nails: 40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

I really didn't like this mani, truth be told. I think the saving grace was the polish underneath, which is beautiful. I wish I had bought the full size set but I was too poor. You can never go wrong with a neon rainbow glitter gradient. Mmmhmm.
Delight In Nails: Kawaii Kitty Nailart Tutorial

Ok, thank you guys so much for liking this mani and the accompanying tutorial as much as I did. Seriously, I was so proud of myself for this one. And then, Brethil from Druid Nails followed my tutorial and posted it. I was thrilled because I have always liked her blog, and was fangirling all over the place when I realized that she READ mine. And LIKED something I did. Eeeep! She did such a great job and put little paw prints on her thumbs. So cute! Oh and also, I entered this mani in a contest and WON thanks to all of the support I received. I got a sweet kitty purse (it has ears!) and a kitty print scarf. You can bet I rocked that at work and OWNED it lol. So thank you a million times to all of my followers! You guys are truly the best. I never would have thought in a million years that I would have as much support as I did, and actually win a voting based contest. Whaaaaa---!!!

Delight In Nails: Stamping with MoYou London XL Pro Plate 12

I was surprised to see this one on here, but now that I look at it again - I shouldn't be. The gorgeous glitter base, and near perfect stampig (which I swear hardly ever happens for me), really did make for a truly elegant mani. I wish all my stamping would come out this great!

Thank you so much for taking this trip back in time with me! I plan to do another post featuring all of MY favorite manis from 2015 as well. Hopefully it doesn't take me as long to put together as this one did. I'll tell you what, the holidays have got me tuckered out! See you in a couple days with a pretty mani for the Nail Tarts!

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