Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kawaii Kitty Nailart Tutorial

Hello! I received a lot of love for my kawaii kitty nailart I entered into the Barielle nail art contest. I totally got runner up which is HUGE for me, so thanks to everyone who voted. You are all awesome and I love your faces! :) Anyway, I had received a few requests for a tutorial and I actually photographed the whole process intending to share a tutorial, but these photos took forever for me to edit into a collage. I kept having to put it off in favor of more new nail art posts. But finally, the time has come, and it is here. Take a look.

Ok, so step 1 is easy: paint a big circle toward the tip of your nail on your middle finger (if your nails are shorter, it will be almost centered, but be sure to leave room for those cute giant ears!

Step 2: Add two triangles for the ears - I try to make them "rounded" triangles to look more like cat ears

Step 3: paint a small rectangle below for the kitty's neck

Step 4: Add small rectangles on the index and ring fingers on the edges closest to the kitty's face

Step 5: With a dotting tool, place two dots next to eachother, directly opposite the edge of your rectangle. Then, place a dot on either side, connecting to the kitty's arms...or technically legs.

Step 6: Fill in the empty space between the toes with the same colored polish

Step 7: With black polish and a detail brush, paint a U shape, then draw a line across the top of the U to form the mouth

Step 8: To draw the eyes, draw two Vs, with their opening facing away from the mouth. Then add two straight lines directly between the mouth and sides of the face on both sides. These are the kitty's whiskers.

Step 9: Grab a pale pink polish, and using your smallest dotting tool, make a dot within each "toe" on both of the kitty's paws. Using a larger dotting tool, place one pink dot in the center of each paw to create the pad. Then, use a brush to to paint two pink lines under the eyes, and add a small dab of pink withing the mouth for the tongue.

Step 10: I left this out, but with the polish used for the main parts of the kitty, add a squiggly line to your nail on your little finger for his tail. You will also need to use your black polish to fill in the kitty's mouth. Topcoat those nails, and you are done!

Here is what the final product will look like. Play with color, and please share your manis with me on social media if you try out this tutorial!

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