Friday, September 18, 2015

Last Summer Manicure of the Year with Zoya and Ellagee

Good morning and happy Friday! I wanted to share this awesome glitter polish I picked up from Ellagee a while back and the pretty polish from Zoya I wore with it. When I was on vacation, I got the itch about halfway through to do my nails, so I removed my purple smoosh manicure and replaced it with this.

The base is Zoya Oceane (very appropriate for a beach vacation), and the lovely glitter polish I painted over it is Ellagee Rainbow Reef. Rainbow Reef is a gorgeous mix of pastel blue, pink, teal, and purple stars, pastel yellow circle glitters, tiny white circles, small white, orange, and blue hex glitters, and holographic dolphin-shaped glitters. So many glitters! It was jam packed and only required one coat.

I had no lightbox or fancy equipment with me, so I used the sun and of course picked the only overcast day for the photography, but the pictures are color accurate, just not bright.

This is what Zoya Oceane looked like on her own.  I did 2 coats here, and the formula was just perfect.

I took these earlier in the day when the sun was still out haha.

Thank you so much for looking! I have a fall mani for you next AND another tutorial!

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