Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sad, sad couple of weeks

I normally try not to be a downer here, but I have had an awful couple of weeks, and have to spend some time away. I went on vacation three weeks ago, and planned to be away from the blog during that, but upon arriving home, a series of events occurred that made it impossible for me to even want to think about nail art.

A few days before we came back, my husband's step-father was taken to the hospital because he felt ill (he had cancer, so this happens occasionally). Three days later, my mother-in-law was involved in a terrible car accident where she was injured pretty badly and had to be life-flighted to our local trauma center. We spent the last week and a half traveling back and forth between our home, work, and the two hospitals, and trying to make sure that their three kids, 13,15, and 20, were alright. The twenty-year-old can take care of herself, but with all the strain that this was putting on her, we worried about the level of stress she was under. She is probably the most level-headed, strongest, most amazing twenty-year-old I know.

Last Saturday, my father-in-law was taken to Hospice. On Tuesday, we lost him after a sixteen-year battle with cancer. It has been a very difficult few weeks dealing with so much stress and then such a terrible loss on top of it all. I will be away for a little bit longer, but I do plan to come back. Until then, I hope you all stay safe, healthy, and happy.


Feel free to comment, or even ask questions here as well. I try to respond to everyone within a day or two, and would love to hear what you think about my blog in general, the nail art, or any suggestions you may have.