Saturday, November 16, 2013

Color Club Duo - Model Behavior and First Looks

After a month-long absence, I am back. Sorry I keep leaving. I am having a rough year. But, I have still been doing my nails - I just haven't been feeling up to writing about it. Well, today I did a mani that I just have to share. It turned out even cooler than I imagined. I purchased this duo a whole year ago, and at the time, Spring was just starting and these colors just felt too dark! So, now that fall is well on its way, and we have even gotten a little bit of snow, I decided to whip out these dark beauties and came up with a lovely mani this afternoon.


I started off with two coats of Color Club Model Behavior, then added First Looks to create a gradient. After that, I stamped using my favorite silver foil (Julep Harley) and Konad plate m78. Here is the gradient before I added the stamping.

And here is Model Behavior all my itself. I'll have to show off First Looks by itself in some other post - I have not been in a swatching mood lately. I'm sure I'll use it again as a lovely wintry base for a mani somewhere down the line. :) One last pic - I'm showing off a new ring - it is from my husband's grandmother who passed away several years ago, so it is very special.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate those of you who have decided stay even with my lack of posts lately. I have tons of pics that I have taken over the past several months and never posted, so I will try to share things as I can. Some of the summer stuff will have to wait for the end of winter - or maybe I will get desperate for some brightness and share in February - who knows!

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  1. wow these are beautiful. Thought this was a watermarble design


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