Sunday, April 12, 2015

February 2015 Julep It Girl Box

Well, here I am reviewing my February Julep box in April *sigh*. I suppose if I had an actual deadline, I would have had it done in February, but I didn't, so I just did it when I felt like it. I started swatching these right after I finished the swatches from January's Chrysalis collection, but didn't get a chance to go through my photos and write this post until now. The February collection has one polish in it that is definitely a "Valentines-y" color, but the rest won't be that out of place in April! And anyway, it's always a good month for some love, right???

So, as you can see from the photo above, Julep not only threw in one extra Valentine's polish, but 5 of them. I have given away two of them so far to friends, and am still contemplating doing a quick instagram giveaway for the others. I mean, I really only need to keep one for myself, right? ;) Anyway, the first polish I have to show off is named Carla. She is a soft lavender-leaning pink. At first, I thought this was just another pale pink from Julep, but once I had it on and realized it had a little purple in it, I decided I liked it. This one is very opaque too. I painted on two thin coats here, but I could have gotten away with one thick coat.

Next, is Colton. Colton is a dark, vampy purple, which I am happy to add to my collection since I have no other colors like it. It was a little less opaque than the last polish and needed two coats. The formula on this one is nice. It was very smooth.

Next up, is Becky. This one is the one that I am the least thrilled with. There is nothing wrong with the polish, it's just a very typical duochrome. I have a Sally Hansen polish from nearly 15 years ago that looks identical to this one, only this one dries to a satiny finish. It's not quite matte, but it's not shiny either. It flashes green to purple depending on the lighting, and went on in two smooth coats.

Last, we have my favorite of the bunch (for it's originality). Her name is Hartleigh. This has tiny holographic glitters, small white circles, medium white hexes, and large metallic red hearts in a clear base. She looks really pretty over top of Carla. I did two coats here. I had to fish and place the hearts, but in my experience, this is typical with large glitters. There were plenty of hearts in there, so it was not difficult to get them out of the bottle.

Thank you so much for stopping to read my post today! What do you all think about these? Do you have a favorite?

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