Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hobbies

Yahoooo! Today is the day we kick off the newest Nail Tarts challenge. I'm super excited about this one, because this time, I am actually helping to run the challenge! This one will be lasting a full year, just like the last one. We will be posting nail art ideas following a specific theme every week. We'll be sharing on pinterest, IG, facebook, and of course through our blogs what everyone does for each prompt to share *at least* 40 great nail art ideas with the world. :) Today's prompt is hobbies. And wouldn't you know, I got stuck on the very first prompt haha. I have two hobbies at the moment: (you know it changes month to month haha) nail art and video games. You all know I love nails (duh!) and I bet a lot of you have noticed my sick obsession with certain video games and my beloved xbox. So, I finally decided to show my love for BOTH of these and did this rainbow stamping mani as an ode to my two favorite hobbies.

I started off with some polishes I have just been DYING to wear since I bough them. These are from Polish Addict Nail Color's July box - United 4 Pride. These were released just after marriage equality for all couples was upheld by the supreme court. I had to get something to commemorate the historic occasion and polish was the perfect thing.

I stamped over top of these using Konad Special White and several different images from different plates. The hearts all come from Pueen: plates PUEEN43 and PUEEN41. The I heart nails image and the video game image are both from Bundle Monster: plates BM-401 and BM-415.

Side bar: I have a friend who is gay and when this was announced we were together and it was just the most momentous thing I can remember happening in a very long time. Someone asked him that day if we was going to go home and party and he replied "no, I'm going to go home and get MARRIED." I just about died. My heart melted. I mean, my husband is the most important man in the world to me (beside my dad lol), and if I did not have the right to marry him, and then after years and years of being together and never being able to make it a legal relationship, we finally got that right, I think my heart would explode. So, yeah, I got a little teary for him and his partner. It is special.

Anyway, when this particular collection of polish came out, I knew I needed it. And when they are all dried out and my kids ask why I have these old rainbow glitter polishes, I can tell them I was there when gay couples got the right to marry. It is right up there in history with women and minorities gaining the right to vote. It is huge. Look at these beauties.

The colors used in this manicure are Polish Addict LGBT (pink), 6/26/15 (purple), Love Is Love (blue), Love Wins (green), and United 4 Pride (yellow).

Well, I'm super excited about this new challenge, and can't wait to see all of the other girls manicures for this first theme. Make sure you stop and look at what everyone else did!

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