Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainbow Honey May Mystery Bag

Hi! Well today I am showing off my second Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag, and I am so excited about the colors in this one. I am so happy I switched over to this subscription. It is so much more of what I am looking for! In this month's bag, I received three mini polishes, perfume oil, aloe, and cuticle balm. Yay! I seriously can't believe I get all that for $10. :)

I have not used the aloe yet, but it smells really good. The cuticle balm is coconut-y and feels really nice on my poor cuticles. I also tried out the scent. It is very light, so no one noticed it, but I did, and that's what counts! Ha! The polishes are all gorgeous. I received Laguna Grande, which is a teal with gold glitters in it. It went on really smooth and looked amazing on.

I also got Juicy Orange Pop, which is a squishy, orange jelly with flakies in it. We had very little sun while I had it on, but the few chances I caught a glimpse of it in the sun, I was driving, so no pics. Maybe I'll wear it again later this summer and show it off in the sunlight for you guys! This one went on nice and smooth too. I painted it on over top of Julep Nina, because it was just too sheer to build up and my nails are stained!

Last, we have Neon Yoshimi. This is the most fun out of them all. I love the glitters in it, and people everywhere stopped me to ask what it was. I wore it over top of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, and it painted on nicely like the others with very little fishing needed for the glitters. It contains neon green and pink glitters in multiple sizes and shapes, tiny white squares, medium sized black squares, and iridescent hex glitters. Loved this one so much!

Well there you have it. For two months in a row, I am loving my Rainbow Honey box! So, so, so happy with my decision. :) I'll be back in a couple days with some stamping for you!

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