Friday, March 13, 2015

#HePicksMyPolish - Lacrosse Nail Art with Polish Chosen by my Husband

Hello! I bet you all thought I fell off the face of the earth, but I did not. I have just been really busy with work and have hardly had any time to do my nails. I do have a bunch of swatches done, though, so you will see some of that in the next few days, too. Anyway, on to the nail art! My husband got to pick out my nailpolish for this mani and he picked colors that would work for one of his favorite sports teams. Since I love him so much, I obliged and did an Ohio Machine manicure. This is our local lacrosse team.

I started off with Julep Margaret as my base, then I used a nail art pen from Sally Hansen in black to draw each image. The white is O.P.I. Alpine Snow, and the red is An Affair In Red Square.

The images are all related to the various logos that the team has used. The image on my thumb is their main logo. It is Ohio with some gears and a little star near the middle which I think signifies their location. The image on my index finger is a helmet, and mimicked the gears/star design on my middle finger. The image on my ring finger is a lacrosse stick, and my little finger is just the same star from their logo.

I had fun doing this lacrosse manicure, and I think my husband approves! Now we are off to a date, so have a great night everyone. Make sure you look at what everyone else did for their #HePicksMyPolish posts!

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