Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Husband's Perspective - Mr. DIN Weighs In On His 5 Favorite Manicures of 2014

I thought it would be fun to have my husband give his opinion on which manicures of mine he liked the best this year after I picked out my top 7. Now, I have to tell you, that this man is currently a college student and took my request as seriously as a term paper. This is why I love him. Ladies and gentleman, I give you my husband's perspective:

My name is Luke, and I am married to a serial nail artist/blogger. You may know my wife, Jess, from the numerous challenges that many of you participate in. You may follow her on this blog. She most likely follows your blogs and participates in your challenges as well. I can’t remember a day where Jess was not doing a mani or on the computer looking to your community for inspiration.

Let’s get one thing straight, I am a manly man, but am able to identify a nail color swatch a mile away. I know the new OPI and Butter London seasonal shades and am in the local Ulta more than our local Dick’s Sporting Goods. So when Jess asked me to pick my favorite 5 mani’s from 2014, I tried to act like “sure, it’s whatever” but I was secretly kind of stoked. I know how much her art and yours means to her, and feel honored to get to share my experiences and likes with you. With no further ado, here are my top five favorite Jess mani’s of 2014!

1. Kawaii Kitty Nails: I love cats, and I begged Jess to do a kawaii style mani for months, ask her! The baby blue and white look pretty awesome together. I read cat facts to Jess off of my Iphone before bed. It helps me fall asleep.

2. 52 week Brushstroke and favorite brand: The hibiscus flower print reminds me of my favorite swimsuit from high school and summertime vacations to Cohasset, MA. I’m a sucker for a cool print on top of a colored collage too. I thought it was cool how the colored collage looked kind of goofy until the floral print pulled it all together and made it look pretty sick.

3. 52 week pick and mix challenge 1980’s: The 80’s were awesome. I loved the music and the styles. Hair metal, glam rock, and the best hip-hop for days. This mani had the perfect blend of color and pattern that instantly made me remember my dorkier days. I had baggy MC Hammer style pants in this print and would wear them until my mom would make me wash them. Fun fact, “Can’t touch this” has over 20,000,000 plays on Spotify the last time I checked.

4. NinjaNails: Anybody who knows me knew that the only thing I wanted to be more than a nurse or doctor, was a ninja. I dressed exclusively as a ninja for Halloween from age 6-14. I owned every single variation of Ninja Turtle action figure that was ever made. I’m kind of in love with ninjas, and always will be. When I saw Jessie’s ninja mani, I freaked, in a good way. The ninja stars and the little ninjas were pretty awesome.

5. 1st (successful) Water Marble: These came out ridiculously cool. The color variation made them look good with nearly anything Jess wore. The colors were extremely unique but blended together seamlessly.

Jess is my best friend. She is smart, caring, supportive, and beautiful. She has a great love and respect for art and has ever since I met her in High school. I love seeing the wild creations she comes up with and enjoy looking at all of yours as well. The delicate hand and creative minds behind all of your nails is absolutely amazing to me. Keep up the awesome work, and know that your significant other is in awe of your creativity and passion for your art!

Love you Sweet Pea,

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