Friday, October 31, 2014

52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - 1980s

Hooray for the 80s! I was born in the 80s, so I cannot actually relate to them at all other than remembering teddy ruxpin and my awesome kitchen set! I was only five when the 80s came to an end, afterall. But, I do love a good 80s pattern on my nails. Everything in the 80s was so bright and funky. So, for today's mani, I went with a simple pattern to represent the 80s on my nails.

I started off with Sally Hansen Peach Beach for my base, then added my design using Nicole by O.P.I. Pros & Confidence and Color Club London Calling. Yay, fun! :D

Here is what Peach Beach looks like on its own. It is a great cream. I painted it on in three very thin coats to get it even, as it is a bit on the thin side.

Make sure you check out what everyone else did for their 80s and/or 3 dark colors manicures! I'll be back with my three dark colors tomorrow!

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