Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#HePicksMyPolish - Nails Brought To You By My Husband

So, when I heard about this challenge group on Facebook, I thought it would be super fun to bring my husband in on the blog. He is always giving me ideas, so I thought it would be fun to let him pick my polish.

I recently separated out all of my untried (or at least unswatched) polishes and put them in their own drawer, so I handed that drawer to my husband and asked him to pick the colors for my next manicure. After quite some time, he announced he was done and handed me FIVE bottles of polish.

Left to right: essie meet me at sunset, Zoya Zuza, Julep Ciara, Julep Leah, and Julep Missy
I was a bit worried because all of these colors work well together except for essie meet me at sunset. It is the only cream out of them all and the only warm-toned color, so I was at a loss for quite a while. But, I finally figured something out, and I'm quite pleased with how this came out.

I started off with Julep Missy, then added a gradient to three of my nails using Julep Ciara, Zoya Zuza, and Julep Leah. I stamped the peacock feathers onto my nails with Julep Leah using a new plate my mom gifted to me from MoYou London. This image is from The Pro XL plate 05. After that, I added the detail to the feathers using essie meet me at sunset, Zoya Zuza, and Julep Ciara.

Here is Julep Missy by herself. This is a chrome silver and went on in two easy coats. Please pardon the "dents" on my pinkie nail. I was multitasking today and thought they were dry enough for folding laundry. I was wrong. :P

Thank you so much for looking - I'm looking forward to letting my hubby pick colors for next month!

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