Sunday, April 24, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Animals

Hi everyone. I wanted to do something springy and cute for my birthday (which was Tuesday), so I decided to play around with some stamping, and made some decals to put on my nails using a bunch of Bundle Monster plates that I have. Take a look at these precious fawns! Eeeep!

I created these by stamping multiple layers and creating decals from one of the stamps. It was a multi-step process, haha! First, I painted my nails using Potion Polish Twilight Bonfire because it was my birthday and I wanted purple holo on my nails. :D Then, I stamped on the leaves in the background using Mundo de Unas Green and BM-703. After that, I stamped on another layer using Mundo de Unas Avocado and BM-706 and let that dry. While that was drying, I created decals using BM-702's little deer image with Mundo de Unas Caramel, and painted the back of the deer white. This was so that the brown color would be brighter, and so that the little white spots would show through. Once my decals were dried enough, I cut them to size and put them over the whole design. After that, it was just a layer of topcoat and I was done. Love my little Bambis!!!

Now, here is what Twilight Bonfire looks like on it's own. Such a gorgeous purple! And so much holo goodness I couldn't stop looking at these in the sun! The polish formula was great too. This is two smooth coats. No dragging or pulling, just perfection. :)

Thank you so much for stopping to read my blog today. I'm still struggling a bit to get back into blogging after my 3 weeks off, but after today, I know I do like it. I like painting my nails and creating a little more than I like the blogging part, but it turns out I still like the blogging, too. :P Have a great day everyone!

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