Sunday, March 27, 2016

LadyQueen Nail Charms Review

*PR Sample
Hi everyone! I received some nail art supplies from LadyQueen to review and did some sweet mermaid nails for you using two of the items!

I used a mermaid nail charm on my middle nail, and placed some starfish studs on the top of each nail, near the cuticle. I just used nail glue to attach them to the nail. The starfish studs lasted several days before I picked them all off (I couldn't help it!), but the mermaid didn't even make it 20 minutes past the picture taking because they did not fit my nail well. My nails curve, and the charms are very flat, so they were barely attached for the photos. I really like them though, and I wish they had fit better. Girls with flat nails, you are in luck with these cute charms!

So here are the polishes I used to create this. This is Potion Polish Cerulean Skies. It is a thin holo blue jelly. I used three coats here.

After that, I created a gradient using a england Spirit of the Moors. These two looked great together, and I'll show this polish off in a separate post.

After my gradient, I stamped using Konad Special white and Mo You Sailor Collection plate 05. Once that was done, I just glued on the charms and studs and this mani was complete! Make sure you check out the other things that you can purchase from LadyQueen, and if you go, use my discount code! It's WEBS15. Thanks so much for looking. Have a great day!

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