Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Julep It Girl Box

Back-to-back Julep posts were necessary as you are now aware from reading through my last post. ;) I really love the colors I got in my March box, and I'm pretty sure you will, too. Check them out!

First, we have Margaret. It is a nice pale blue creme. It's not a dupe for anything I own, which made me very happy.

Next is Princess Grace. This name made me giggle. In high school, I had a biology teacher who always called me Princess Grace. I'm still not really too sure why. It cannot possibly be that he was actually comparing me to The Princess Grace. I always thought it had to do with how clumsy I was, like a sarcastic nickname. It is another creme and is the same color as orange sherbet or a creamsicle. It went on very nicely. This is two coats.

Last, we have Lizanne. It is a lovely green, leaning slightly teal, with a pretty shimmer. It went on so smooth and this is just two thin coats. It's definitely my favorite from this box.

These colors would all look awesome together, too. Hooray for more nail polish!!! Have a great day everyone!

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