Monday, March 3, 2014

Golden Oldie Thurs...I mean Monday - Orange

Hey everyone. I know I am insanely late on this one, but I was so busy all week, it just didn't happen. I actually painted these on Friday night, but with everything going on all weekend, and then a lengthy power-outage, I just couldn't post until today. I painted these floral nails in honor of the annual trip I make to an orchid show at Cleveland's Botanical Gardens with my mom. I used two oranges here,but you almost can't tell.

This is a gradient with Salon Perfect Tangy Tangerine and Revlon Fearless. I stamped over it using several different floral images from plates from Mash, Bundle Monster, and Red Angel. The first image below is Tangy Tangerine all by itself. The second is once I had completed the gradient with Fearless. It is very, very subtle.

Thanks for looking, and make sure you look at the other orange manicures!


  1. Love it! The images are perfect together! And perfect to wear in the botanical garden

    1. Thank you - I thought it went well for my day at the garden, too! :)


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