Tuesday, March 25, 2014

February Julep It Girl Box

Well...this post is a little delayed because I LOST one of the polishes from my Julep February box. *gasp* Yeah, I know, how could I??? Well, here is what happened: I was all stoked to get to swatching these beauties and took Roc Solid to work with me. It was safely tucked inside my purse all morning, and I planned to paint my nails at lunch, so I set it out on my desk so that I would remember. Some stuff came up, so I didn't get to do my nails.

At the end of the night, I was in a hurry to get home so I grabbed my polish, basecoat, topcoat, and file and shoved them into my purse on top of everything else. I couldn't be bothered to latch the top because I was in a state of complete desperation to get home. I was swinging my purse around like I always do as I walked out to my car and then my purse dumped in my car on the way home. I picked up everything, and shoved it back in, and still couldn't get my purse closed because everything was all messed up in there. I proceeded to dump it AGAIN getting out of the car. I picked up my file and went inside.

By now, I was beyond frustrated with my messy purse, so I pulled everything out to organize it, and Roc Solid was missing. Everything else was there, but that one bottle of polish. I went back outside, and looked around the 3 foot high mound of snow that used to be my front yard. I looked all over the driveway with it's 3 inches of ice, and found nothing. Then I thought maybe it was in my car, and looked everywhere. It was dark, and I gave up. At work the next day, I retraced my steps but there was no sign of the polish anywhere. I asked the secretary if it was in lost and found. Nothing. I looked around my car with a flashlight and it was nowhere to be seen.

Ah the devastation! I eventually gave up although I still looked on the ground every day as I was walking into my building at work, and at home in the driveway. It was lost. Probably gone forever.

BUT, then...a miracle! Ok well, the sun is technically not a miracle, but this past Friday morning as I walked out to my car, I saw something shiny poking out of the now melted remains of snow at the edge of my driveway. I plunged my hand right into that snowbank, and sure enough - it was Roc Solid. Oh hallelujah! Reunited at last! After two long weeks, I had found my precious bottle of green glory! It was very dramatic.

So, that was a pretty lengthy story, but that is why this post is going up so late. haha

On to the goods!! February's box came with a bonus nail polish, which always makes me super excited! And, to make it even better, three out of the four polishes are glitter! Woooo! :)

The names of the polishes are kind of dumb, but whatever. I like the colors, and they all went on so nice, I really can't gripe about it. The first polish I'm sharing is the creme of the bunch: Julep Roc Solid. It is a dark sage green. I liked it pretty well, although by the time I got to wear it, I was already craving Spring...I'll file this one away for use next fall.

The next polish is called Julep Glam Roc. It is a purple and gold micro glitter with what they are calling a "stardust finish". It is matte and textured and does give the effect of looking like space-y.

Here is what it looked like with two coats of Seche Vite. I like it both with and without topcoat.

Next up is Diamond Theory. It contains multiple sizes of dark gold glitters. It went on pretty solid, too. It is very thick, and this was just two coats. You could easily get away with one coat, but I used two for the sake of the close-up pictures.

Last is the bonus polish: Love. It is full of champagne colored micro glitter with dark pink glitters throughout and a color-shifting shimmer. It looked pink, pale yellow, and then pale green sometimes depending on how the light was hitting it.

Thank you, Julep for making 4 pretty polishes for me to enjoy! And thank you readers, for looking at my blog today! I'll be back with another post in a couple of days!

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