Friday, May 18, 2012

Wet n Wild Through The Grapevine Nail Art

Happy Friday! My little break from school is quickly coming to an end. I probably won't have a lot of time for nail art over the summer semester, but we will see. Maybe it won't be so bad. I am taking 3 classes, and of course still have to go to work every day. Being a grown up sucks! :) Anyway, I have to show off this color and also my awesome idea for nail art. It was super fun and I love getting the chance to get all creative, so here goes.
Wet n Wild Through The Grapevine, essie Go Overboard, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet & Lacey Lilac
What do you think? I think I like it. Haha - it actually looks the same way on my nails as it did it my head. I love it when that happens. Now here is a plain swatch so you can see this color in daylight.

Isn't it just so lovely?? It's a great purple, and unlike any of the other purples that I have. And most importantly, it was free! These were on sale at Walmart for $.99 and there was a $1 off any Wet n Wild product coupon in this week's Red Plum circular. No complaints when it comes to free things!

Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate how I did this. My first tutorial!
For these square shapes, I used small foam squares from my scrapbooking supply and placed them back to back around a toothpick. I tested out some colors to make sure they were opaque enough and then just stamped the square shape onto my nail, just like the sponge painting I did when I was a kid!
I decided to add a few dots using Zoya Wednesday.
Then I added my top coat to seal it all in ad give some good shine.
What do you think? Is it better with the dots or without? I couldn't decide. :)

As always, thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed today's nail art! I think I'm going to do my mom's nails this weekend. If all goes well, I will feature her on this blog maybe next week. She has nice long nails, so I should be able to do something pretty nice...and maybe even something fun and different if she lets me!


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    1. Thanks! Glad to hear you think so. My mom said the same thing. :)


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