Saturday, May 19, 2012

Copy Cat Sat - Let Them Have Polish

For today's Copy Cat Sat, I did my first water marble, using my mom as a guinea pig. I was really surprised about how well it turned out. We used Revlon Make Mine Mango for the base. Then we used OPI Nice Color, Eh? from the Canadian Collection, Zoya Snowsicle, and essie sure shot for the water marble. I decided to just do an accent nail for this one as seen in a manicure done by Let Them Have Polish. Take a look!
 I'm seriously so excited about how well these turned out. We had a little issue with some debris getting on one of the nails, but we were able to clean it off and touch up the nail without having to redo it. Look at how pretty it is!
I especially love this one!
So there you have it - I'm capable of water marbling, which means you will probably be seeing a full mani at some point!

Also, I just wanted to add that I have decided to begin a 10 Day Challenge this week, so make sure you check that out too. I'm pretty excited!

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  1. Thanks! I'm so excited that my first water marble wasn't a total disaster. I was really nervous after all of the horror stories I read on other blogs. I may have been lucky with my color choices. The Zoya spread really well in the water. The essie bled a little, and I probably wouldn't use it again, and the OPI was didn't like to spread, but the Zoya forced it to. :) Overall, I'm pretty pleased!


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