Thursday, December 10, 2015

November 2015 Julep It Girl Box

Hello! So, I took forever to get these swatches up, but I have the November 2015 It Girl box up on my blog finally. I really have not been in the blogging mood lately. I paint my nails, and even take the pics, but then they just sit on my camera for weeks. Whoopsie. Anyway, I have 4 swatches for you from this box.

I did not swatch the shimmer topcoat because I didn't have a chance to wear it on it's own, AND I had a really bad break with a sloppy patch, so sheer polish is NOT happening right now. :)

First up, we have Sonia. This is a metallic blue that dries to a matte finish. It is super opaque, and went on in just one coat. This is without topcoat.

Next, we have Rashida. This one is the same formula as Sonia, but is a soft bronze color. It went on in one smooth coat, and this swatch is with no topcoat.

Next, is Kris. This is a gorgeous shimmery silver. It looks almost flaky, and I struggle to describe it. It has tiny holographic shimmers in it that were really hard to capture. Basically, it's sparkle-central. I did two coats here.

Last, we have Melody. Melody is a glitter topcoat. You have to shake it to get the glitters to even out in the base. This was apparently done on purpose, but it really wasn't anything special to me. It contains tiny holographic glitters, silver shimmer, and multi-colored iridescent glitter. I painted it over white, to show the color variations.

That is all I have today. I will be back Saturday with some wintery nail art for you!

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