Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ocean Nailart - Lunchtime Nail Fun!

Last Friday, I had offered to do my coworker, Angela's, nails during our lunch break. She gave me her favorite colors (blues/greens), and the theme - ocean. I packed up a selection of about twenty of my most ocean-y blues and greens, some great glitters, white, and a sandy shade to be used for any stamping. I also packed up a bunch of plates that had ocean/beach-y images on them. At lunch, we sat down, I busted out my selection of polish (a embarrassing quantity of blues and greens for someone to own...and that wasn't even ALL of them), and the plates. Then, I had her pick her favorites. She got to see how I feel whenever I try to sit down for a manicure. So many choices! So much glitter! So much shiny distraction! It's a wonder I ever get anything done once I sit down in my nail nook lol.

Pardon the quality of these photos. I took them with my phone under some crazy office florescent light. :)

Once she settled on her favorite couple of colors, I helped her narrow it down by which ones looked best together, and we settled on Zoya Tallulah and Black Poppy Turquoise (it's nameless but pretty so it's forgiven). Since I didn't want to make too much of a mess, I used my Loki's Nailvinyls aprons on her (she was amazed by those), and then I did a gradient using the two colors we had picked. While that dried, I had her pick out her favorite couple of images (also hard because I brought so many plates!). She settled on a wave-like pattern from Mash-50 and the fish and starfish images off of MoYou Sailor plate 10. I also set aside Mash-39 because I decided she needed mermaid nails too, and painted the tips of each of her thumbs using Rainbow Honey Aqua Crystalline. I stamped the images on using Wet n Wild A Latte Love, then we let that dry and I did peeled off the aprons and did some cleanup. After that, I slapped on some Seche Vite and we were all done. I am so stoked on how these came out, and Angela totally deserves to be treated to this kind of thing more often, so maybe I will try to make that happen. ;)

Angela took these photos with her phone later that day. They are slightly blurry, but show off the sparkle on the thumbs really well!


Thank you so much for stopping by today! I appreciate all of you who come to look and read so much!

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