Monday, November 10, 2014

Stamping With My Oldest Untried Plate - Konad

So the very first plates I bought were Konad plates. Everyone said they were the best (at the time), so I spent WAY too much money and bought 6 plates from them. And then, before I could try them all, sooo many new companies started popping up with plates full of way cooler images, so my Konad's collected dust. Well, I looked  through them and chose an images to try out that I normally would ignore and decided to put it over an untried polish, too. :)

I used a polish given to me by one of my coworkers. She gave me pretty much her whole O.P.I. stash one day because she said she never paints her own nails anymore. She gets them done every two weeks. She knew I would be happy to take them off her hands and I was thrilled! This one is called Bagota Blackberry. It's perfect for fall! I stamped over it using Konad Special Black and plate m-77.

Here is what O.P.I. Bagota Blackberry looks like by itself. It is a dark, shimmery red and went on in two smooth coats.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Please make sure you look at everyone else's untrieds!

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